Copenhagen School of Design and Technology


Project course - local programme elements

Danish title
Projektforløb - lokale fagelementer
Study programme
Production Technology
Type of education
Full time education
Level of education
Academy Profession
3. semester
Duration of the subject/module
1 semester
Programme elements
Danish and English
Start time
Lygten 16, København NV
Subject number
Responsible for the subject(s)/modul(es)
Dina Jacobsen
Morten Kjær Stovegaard
Ina Sanne Larsen
Ahmed Adil Albayati
Peter Hagelberg
Kim Vulff Apitz
Jon Emil Stenz
  • Type of instruction
    Self-study and group work.
  • Exam

    The learning outcomes of the exam are identical with the learning outcomes of the subject(s)/modul(es)

    Exam in one or more subjects
    The semester project on 3rd semester is a specialization of your studies. During your 1st year at PRT, the main focus has been on knowledge and skills. Now it is time to show off your competences by focusing on 4 out of our 7 core areas in the curriculum. You decide which ones in relation to your problem formulation.

    The progression in your work is shown by adding new knowledge to the chosen core ares as well as reaching the next level on handling the interdisciplinary between these core areas; how do they influence on each other.

    Basis of assessment
    In the third semester, the exam is assessed on the basis of the content of your report and the final presentation of your project.

    In their project, students should focus on selecting and prioritizing the methods that are best suited for solving the problem.

    Thus, the assessment in exam is partly based on whether the methods included in the chosen specialization, are used to an appropriate extent, and also how thoroughly and reflected they are put in play.

    We refer to the basis of assessment of the 3rd semester. Further description of the learning objectives of each core area – comprising knowledge, skills and competencies – appear from the Curriculum.

    We underline that this basis is not a checklist, but a listed criteria that should be included to the extent that they are relevant when providing answers on the given problem formulation. Furthermore, this basis is to be completed with the new knowledge the student has gained on the 3rd semester.

    In the overall assessment, it will count towards the group's advantage to produce functional and / or appearance models in connection with the semester project, which can be presented at the oral exam to validate and support the communication of the group's solution.
    Type of exam
    Combined written and oral examination
    Individual exam or group exam
    Group, 3-5 participants
    Exam languages
    Danish (Norwegian/Swedish)
    Type of evaluation
    7-point grading scale
    Internal censure
hours of teaching
hours of preparation
The figure shows the extent of workload related to the subject divided into different study activities.

In the subject Project course - local programme elements you will receive 10 hours of instruction, which corresponds to 13 lessons (1 lesson = 45 min.) and 3% of your total workload for the subject.

The teaching primarily consists of the following activities: group work.
The preparation primarily consists of the following activities: project work.

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*KEA can deviate from the number of hours if this is justified by special circumstances