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Technical CAD modeling (elective)

Danish title
Teknisk CAD modellering (valgfag)
Study programme
Production Technology
Type of education
Full time education
Level of education
Academy Profession
3. semester
Duration of the subject/module
1 semester
Programme elements
Start time
Lygten 16, København NV
Subject number
Responsible for the subject(s)/modul(es)
Jon Emil Stenz
Dina Jacobsen
Ahmed Adil Albayati
  • Purpose and learning objectives

    You will be introduced to various CAD (Solid Works) drawing (modeling) methods.

    In the elective course, you will work with the design of mechanical components and systems with a focus on the development of industrial products.
    You will learn about dimensioning mechanical designs and the use of advanced materials that are not part of the SolidWorks database.
    You will also work with the Solid Works Library and simulation software.

    The elective subject touches on various aspects within technical documentation that contribute to producing a product based on an advanced technical drawing.


    The student acquires knowledge on:

    Advanced CAD modeling in SolidWorks.
    Industrial product design and development.
    Simulation and animation.
    SolidWorks library content.
    Product specification technical drawings.


    During the product development process, the student is able to apply the key methods and tools, including:

    Advanced SolidWorks modeling.
    Using SolidWorks library to create the standard component.
    Prepare a fully defined technical document with tolerances, process, and service finishing methods.
    Import advanced material from another materials database to use in SolidWorks.


    After the course, the student is able to to acquire and apply:

    Be able to build advanced models in SolidWorks.
    Produce a fully defined technical drawing document ready to produce.
    Use graphical models in problem solving and presentation of design proposals.
    Be able to independently participate in professional and interdisciplinary collaboration with a professional approach regarding dimensioning of classic machine elements and welded construction parts as well as the use of FEM.

  • Type of instruction
    The form of teaching will consist of practical exercises and lectures.
  • Exam

    The learning outcomes of the exam are identical with the learning outcomes of the subject(s)/modul(es)

    Exam in one or more subjects
    Subject/module is tested standalone
    Type of exam
    Combined written and oral examination
    Individual exam or group exam
    Group, 2-4 participants
    Exam languages
    Danish (Norwegian/Swedish)
    The examination consists of a joint oral group presentation followed by individual Q&A sessions:

    Group presentation - 15 minutes
    Individual part - 10 minutes
    Votation - 5 minutes
    Type of evaluation
    7-point grading scale
    Internal censure
hours of teaching
hours of preparation
The figure shows the extent of workload related to the subject divided into different study activities.

In the subject Technical CAD modeling (elective) you will receive 93 hours of instruction, which corresponds to 124 lessons (1 lesson = 45 min.) and 42% of your total workload for the subject.

The teaching primarily consists of the following activities: internal lecturers, group work, workshops, exercises.
The preparation primarily consists of the following activities: reading your own notes, group work.

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*KEA can deviate from the number of hours if this is justified by special circumstances