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Automation 3 (EN)

Danish title
Automation 3 (EN)
Study programme
Production Technology
Type of education
Full time education
Level of education
Academy Profession
3. semester
Duration of the subject/module
3 Weeks
Programme elements
Start time
Guldbergsgade 29 N, København N
Subject number
Responsible for the subject(s)/modul(es)
Ahmed Adil Albayati
Dina Jacobsen
  • Purpose

    The objective of this course is to provide students with fundamental knowledge about
    pneumatics, hydraulics, PLC and electricity, as well as cooperative robots. The course is intended as a basic understanding to be used in both product development and
    automation in production (optimization).

    The student should after the course be able to display skills in:
    • Calculate simple electrical circuits with Ohms and Watts law
    • Basic understanding of relevant analogue electronic components and technologies
    • Basic understanding of relevant digital electronic components, technologies, and Binary
    and HEX digital numbers systems
    • Basic understanding of ESD
    • Basic understanding of EMC
    • Basic understanding of PLC and ladder programming.
    • Basic understanding and economy calculations for decision on the use of corporate robots in a Danish production company
    • Understanding and dimensioning of basic components in relevant relays.
    • Understanding and dimensioning of basic components in relevant hydraulics.
    • Understanding and dimensioning of basic components in relevant pneumatics.

  • Type of instruction and practical application of learning objectives
    Teaching methods will bee cases and lectures
  • Exam

    The learning outcomes of the exam are identical with the learning outcomes of the subject(s)/modul(es)

    Prerequisites for access to the examination
    You have passed the 1st year exam
    Exam in one or more subjects
    Subject/module is tested standalone
    Type of exam
    Written examination
    Mutiple choice
    Individual exam or group exam
    Exam languages
    Type of evaluation
    7-point grading scale
    Internal censure
hours of teaching
hours of preparation
The figure shows the extent of workload related to the subject divided into different study activities.

In the subject Automation 3 (EN) you will receive 36 hours of instruction, which corresponds to 48 lessons (1 lesson = 45 min.) and 26% of your total workload for the subject.

The teaching primarily consists of the following activities: classroom teaching, exercises.
The preparation primarily consists of the following activities: reading your own notes, reading the curriculum.

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*KEA can deviate from the number of hours if this is justified by special circumstances