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Quality management system (Elective)

Danish title
Kvalitetsledelsessystem (Valgfag)
Study programme
Production Technology
Type of education
Full time education
Level of education
Academy Profession
3. semester
Duration of the subject/module
1 semester
Programme elements
Start time
Lygten 16, København NV
Subject number
Responsible for the subject(s)/modul(es)
Dina Jacobsen
Ina Sanne Larsen
Peter Sommer
  • Purpose and learning objectives

    You will gain insight into two major areas within manufactures - changes and quality. The elective subject touches upon a number of common analytical and practical approaches to optimizing and changing the production processes. You will be presented with corporate practice for work on quality issues and change management. In this context you will be working with developing a quality management system.


    The student acquires knowledge of

    Quality Management Systems and its objectives
    Process & product flow
    Change Management
    Project Management Tools


    During the optimization process, the student is able to apply the key methods and tools, including:
    Graphically illustrate material and information flows
    Economic considerations on the Quality Management System
    Designing well-structured Quality Documentation easy to use
    Efficiency planning and implementation


    After the course, the student is able to

    Create comprehensive overview of the company's production and management systems and projects
    Design and set up a well-structed Quality Management System, which is easy to use and update
    Development of business processes, including procedures and instructions for the company's production and management systems
    Communicate messages of change to stakeholders

  • Type of instruction
    The form of teaching is a mixture of class teaching in which theories, methods and tools are presented. After that, you work with practice-related tasks that can be formulated and posed by production companies. Company visits to experience and experience how a company works with some of the subject areas covered in the teaching.
  • Exam

    The learning outcomes of the exam are identical with the learning outcomes of the subject(s)/modul(es)

    Exam in one or more subjects
    Subject/module is tested standalone
    Type of exam
    Oral examination
    Formal requirements
    Group presentation (pdf file)
    Extra material:

    Company processes on brown paper
    Detailed implementation plan
    Business plan
    Quality documentation
    Individual exam or group exam
    Group, 2-3 participants
    Exam languages
    The examination consists of a joint oral group presentation followed by individual Q&A sessions:

    Group presentation - 15 minutes
    Individual part - 10 minutes
    Votation - 5 minutes
    Type of evaluation
    7-point grading scale
    Internal censure
hours of teaching
hours of preparation
The figure shows the extent of workload related to the subject divided into different study activities.

In the subject Quality management system (Elective) you will receive 51 hours of instruction, which corresponds to 68 lessons (1 lesson = 45 min.) and 23% of your total workload for the subject.

The teaching primarily consists of the following activities: digital exercises, laboratory work, classroom teaching, group work.
The preparation primarily consists of the following activities: group work, reading the curriculum, exam.

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*KEA can deviate from the number of hours if this is justified by special circumstances