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Final project (EN)

Danish title
Afsluttende projekt (EN)
Study programme
Multimediadesign and Communication
Type of education
Full time education
Level of education
Academy Profession
4. semester
Duration of the subject/module
10 Weeks
Programme elements
Final project
Start time
Subject number
Responsible for the subject(s)/modul(es)
Keld Møller Marple
  • Purpose and learning objectives

    The final exam project must demonstrate that the student has achieved the graduation level of the programme (learning objectives). See the learning objectives for the programme in the curriculum section 1.3 – Intended learning outcomes for the Programme.


    * knowledge of professional practices within the field as well as key applied theories and
    methods of relevance to the analysis, ideation, design, planning, realisation and
    management of digital media tasks as well as the implementation, administration and
    maintenance of digital media productions
    * an understanding of practices and key theories and methods as well as an understanding of the use of theories and methods in the digital media profession.


    * apply key methods and tools relevant to the analysis, ideation, design, planning, realisation
    and management of digital media tasks, and apply skills of relevance to employment within
    digital media
    * assess practice-oriented issues within digital media and propose and select possible
    * communicate practice-oriented issues and possible solutions within digital media to
    partners and users.


    * engage in development-oriented activities, including undertaking the analysis, ideation,
    design and planning as well as realisation and management of digital media tasks, and be
    innovative in tailoring digital media solutions to commercial conditions
    * in a structured context acquire new knowledge, skills and competencies within digital
    * participate in disciplinary and interdisciplinary cooperation within digital media in
    connection with implementation, administration and maintenance, taking a professional

  • Type of instruction
    Coaching either in physical form or via Teams or in written form via email.
  • Exam

    The learning outcomes of the exam are identical with the learning outcomes of the subject(s)/modul(es)

    Exam in one or more subjects
    Subject/module is tested standalone
    The exam is external and assessed according to the 7-point grading scale. The exam consists of a project and an oral part. Students are given one overall grade. The exam cannot take place until the internship exam and all other exams have been passed.
    Type of exam
    Combined written and oral examination
    The exam is with an external co-examiner and covers the learning objectives that an AP graduate in Multimedia Design must acquire in the course of the programme.

    The exam consists of
    • Presentation
    • Examination
    • Grading

    The details of the duration of the exam will be published on the learning platform for Multimedia Design and communicated to the co-examiner.
    Individual exam or group exam
    Exam languages
    Permitted exam aids
    All materials and aids are allowed unless otherwise expressly specified for each exam.
    Type of evaluation
    7-point grading scale
    External censure
    Exam criteria
    Note: To be translated
    Prøven er ekstern og bedømmes efter 7-trins skalaen.
    Prøven består af et projekt og en mundtlig del. Der gives én samlet karakter. Prøven kan først finde sted efter, at praktikprøven og uddannelsens øvrige prøver er bestået.
    Spelling and writing abilities
    Students’ spelling and writing skills are assessed in the final exam project. The assessment is an overall assessment of the academic content and students’ spelling and writing skills, the academic content carrying the most weight. If there are many spelling and writing mistakes, this may result in a lower grade, for instance from grade 7 to grade 4.
    Re-examination and re-examination due to illness
    Students who fail an exam have another two attempts.
    The re-exam will be held immediately after the first exam attempt.
    A student is entitled to sit a re-exam based on the same project, a reworked project or a completely new project. KEA offers advice on the pros and cons of the three methods in relation to the individual student's assignment. The re-exam has the same purpose as the ordinary exam.

    Reexam due to documented illness or other documented reason(s), is held as soon as possible.
hours of counseling
hours of final project
The figure shows the extent of workload related to the final assignment divided into different study activities.

During your final assignment you or your group will receive 4 hours of guidance from your counselor.

The rest of the time equivalent to 407 hours are used on final assignment work. It is your responsibility to structure the time spent on writing your assignment, preparing for the exam, etc.

The final assignment primarily includes of the following activities: collecting empiricism, reading, writing, cooperating with a company.

Read about KEAs Study Activity Model
*KEA can deviate from the number of hours if this is justified by special circumstances