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Writing for design & business (magazine focus) (EN)

Engelsk titel
Writing for Design & Business (Magazine Focus) (EN)
Design & business
Professionsbachelor (top-up)
6. semester
Fagets/modulets varighed
3 uger
Udd. element
Guldbergsgade 29 N, København N
Fag- /modulansvarlig
Martin Hesseldahl
Tim Meicker
  • Indhold og læringsmål

    This elective is designed to improve the writing skills of Design & Business students by focusing on developing written content for specific media formats. Specifically, students will spend the greater part of the module producing content for magazines, the themes/genres of which they will come up with in teams. The content will span analog and digital formats, as students delve into writing articles, columns, profiles, and content for social media, among others.

    Students are introduced to the creative process of writing through lectures, in-class exercises, and peer workshops. Mastering basic and more advanced principles of composition will empower students to develop strategies for idea generation, revision, as well as effective editing and proofreading. In addition to hands-on writing exercises and assignments, students will also learn to identify and analyze different communication trends of cultural and social significance. This is done to emphasize the point that all communication is dynamic and must take into consideration the process of dissemination. Finally, the module will help students develop an individual professional tone of voice in writing as an overarching goal.

    Please note: All teaching will be in English. Furthermore, all exam assignments must be delivered in English.


    Upon completion of this module, students will have acquired knowledge about:
    ●Written Communication
    ●Rhetorical Strategies
    ●Strategic Planning


    Upon completion of this module, students will be able to:
    ●Write about trends, fashion, and lifestyle
    ●Employ anthropological methods to collect relevant data
    ●Identify the potential for new markets and solutions by evaluating tendencies and market developments


    Upon completion of this module, students will be able to:
    ●Employ strategic and innovative writing processes individually and in collaboration
    ●Develop written presentations based on cultural analysis and a theoretical understanding of the material
    ●Communicate in relation to a specific magazine identity
    ●Employ analytical tools to identify reference points between the sender and the receiver of written communication

  • Undervisningsform
    This module places great emphasis on practical application of writing strategies and tools. A typical class meeting will consist of brief lectures leading to specific workshop tasks that will become part of each student’s writing “toolbox.”

    Please note that, on this module, students will collaborate with the layout teams from the elective course, MAGAZINE LAYOUT. Writing students will be responsible for the written content of the magazines while the Layout students will be responsible for visual content.
  • Forudsætninger for at deltage i faget

    Faglige forudsætninger for at deltage i faget
    The student must be admitted to one of the following Top up specializations within Design & Business in order to choose this elective module:
    ● Brand Design (INT)
    ● Communication Design & Media (INT)
    ● Brand Design (DA)
    ● Communication Design & Media (DA)
    ● Sustainable Fashion (DA)
    ● Fashion Management (DA)

    Materielle forudsætninger for at deltage i faget
    Students must bring physical writing tools to class meetings and a laptop with Microsoft Word installed. InDesign is recommended but not required.

  • Prøve

    Læringsmålene for prøven er identiske med fagets/fagenes læringsmål

    Faget prøves
    Faget/modulet prøves selvstændigt
    The exam is based on a specific assignments within the elective subject area, in which the student will demonstrate an understanding of the practice and the centrally applied theory and method in relation to the elective subject.
    Kombineret skriftlig og mundtlig prøve
    The test consists of three elements:
    1. Written documentation of the process
    2. Oral exam
    3. Voting and notification of grades.
    The oral individual exam is based on one or more theoretical, methodological and practical elements of the module.
    Based on the written documentation of the process, which is drawn up and submitted before the oral exam.
    Documentation of process can be handed in as pictures, products, written production and the like. which is defined specifically for the individual elective subject by publishing a task frame at Fronter for PBA Design & Business at the start of the module.

    The oral exam is 20 minutes in total. 5 minutes presentation - 5 minutes professional dialogue - 10 minutes voting.
    The specific formal requirements for the oral test will be published on Fronter for PBA in Design and Business at the start of the module.
    Individuel eller gruppeprøve
    Anvendt sprog til prøven
    7-trins skala
    Intern censur
    Frist for aflevering
    The written exam must be handed in at the end of the module.
    The oral exam is placed on the elective's last day / days. Further information is published on Fronter or WiseFlow for PBA in Design and Business.
    Re-examination consists of a written assignment of 8 standard pages + /- 10%, and a portfolio with a number of practical tests and one product as defined by the elective. The re-exam is assessed by an internal examiner according to the 7-point grading scale and must be passed with a minimum grade of 02.
  • Foreløbig litteratur
    Dette er en foreløbig litteraturliste. Der udleveres en endelig litteraturliste i forbindelse med studiestart.
    Will be available at the beginning of the module.
timer undervisning
timer forberedelse
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På faget Writing for design & business (magazine focus) (EN) modtager du 47 timers undervisning, hvilket svarer til 63 lektioner (1 lektion = 45 min.) og 34% af din samlede arbejdsbelastning på faget.

Undervisningen vil primært bestå af følgende aktiviteter: interne forelæsninger, gruppearbejde, klasseundervisning.
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